Face care (For resale) 

Here you will find all organic and natural cosmetics on sale in the Allonature face range. In Allonature, our priority is to take care of yourself, especially your face. Our products are organic and natural are good for your skin. Our face is attacked everyday. The misdeeds are numerous: the pollution, the stress or the overwork are as much constraints for the skin of your face. And they only contribute to accelerated aging. Allonature cosmetics have restorative and good properties for your beauty face.

Our cosmetics are labeled organic. Discover our 100% natural carrot make-up removal oil which offers a nice tan and prolongs the duration of the tan. You could also be tempted by our anti-aging anti-aging argan oil and the delicious smell of grilled peanut that emerges from it. Our cream mask is also a natural anti-aging and its creamy texture will make you feel reborn. You can use these products for your services or for resale.

Peel off mask for the body in one single dose. It is to be mixed with water and give you a 4 in 1 action to the skin. Easy to apply and don't need rinsing thanks to the "second skin" effect.

Mesoserum Jeuness Allonature with its anti-aging action.

Cream mask Allonature certified organic to fight against aging, and moisturize and plump. A weekly pleasure for your skin.

The cleansing gel brings softness and smoothness to the skin.

Allonature radiance lotion to cleanse, tone and refresh the skin without harming it.

The Allonature lift cup can reduce wrinkles in less than five minutes.

Milk post hair removal to slow hair regrowth. Also available in 125ml

Konjac sponge Allonature for a complete cleansing of the skin.

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