4 color light therapy tunnel

The phototherapy tunnel of Allonature.

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Allonature's light therapy tunnel is one of the latest generation aesthetic technologies. The different colors correspond to a particular treatment of the skin.

The phototherapy tunnel has 4 colors. Each color corresponds to a specific treatment. This technology uses the dynamic LED system.

Each led corresponds to a specific action:

  • Red leds: The red light is effective in anti-aging treatments.
  • Blue LEDs: Blue light can significantly reduce acne and blackheads. Yellow LEDs: Yellow light improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Green LEDs: The green light harmonizes the complexion and reduces scarring marks.


Peel off mask for the body in one single dose. It is to be mixed with water and give you a 4 in 1 action to the skin. Easy to apply and don't need rinsing thanks to the "second skin" effect.

Organic and natural serum cream with aloe vera.

Mesoserum Jeuness Allonature with its anti-aging action.

Peel off face mask "Rice éclat" by Allonature

Allonature Anti-Aging Face Mask for Face is a disposable mask. Flexible, it can be removed and repositioned without being torn and without risk of altering the support.

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