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Digital thermometer accurate and discreet white interior. In particular, it allows you to decide which All'Orientale Paste Allo Nature to choose: cold for a room at - 24 degrees or hot in a room at + 24 degrees.

Nouri Soins is a  herbal care gel and used to moisturize the upper layers of the epidermis. Available in 500ml

Melting massage balm rich in jojoba oil. Offer a moment of relaxation to your clients, soothe their senses and make them win silky and soft skin. Formulated from certified organic extracts.

Pure wax pot heater capacity 400g. Black color. Delivered with its case. Suitable for all types of pot or bead waxes. Easily transportable with its handle. LCD temperature display.

Apparatus for heating depilatory wax The Pot Warmer is suitable for 100 ml cartridges and 800 ml wax pot.

Massage balm to massage the body. Also available in 100ml

Film reel for wraps during your care in the cabin. It is supplied with a handle to facilitate installation.

Peel off mask for the body in one single dose. It is to be mixed with water and give you a 4 in 1 action to the skin. Easy to apply and don't need rinsing thanks to the "second skin" effect.

Isothermal blanket to use during wraps. It has two faces: hot and cold.

Test kit organic resin wax and peelable wax. Discover the pleasure of waxing with a certified organic wax and good for your health. This kit includes all the essentials for successful hair removal.

Allonature shaving cream for men is certified organic and is a complete care for your shaving.

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