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Allonature radiance lotion to cleanse, tone and refresh the skin without harming it.

The treatments were designed with proven components for their high tolerance:

  • CRANBERRY with antioxidant properties.
  • HAMAMELIS for its soothing and astringent properties.
  • ROSE for its astringent and toning actions for the skin.
  • EGLANTIER very rich in vitamin C, it provides astringent and antioxidant properties.
  • POLYSACCHARIDES provides immediate moisture ** and give the skin a silky feel.

** Hydration of the superficial layers of the epidermis

The Cleansing Gel is a product to be used before hair removal to disinfect the desired area. It does not require water or rinsing.

Enriched with vegetable alcohol and aloe vera complex, the Cleansing Gel disinfects the skin so that it is thoroughly cleansed before hair removal. It rids the skin of its impurities and regulates the excess of sebum, while respecting the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Single-use wrapping sheets are used for wrapping care, to maintain care and to increase the effects.

Enveloping Sheets are particularly practical to facilitate the esthetician the wrapping of the care and this in a fast way as they are pre-cut.

Vinyl gloves are used for beauty treatments such as waxing or face care.

Vinyl gloves are for single use. They are to be used sparingly if you handle chemicals.

This tool sheet exists only in French.

It can be adapted according to the language of your country.
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Peel off mask for the body exist in pot of 1kg and in one single dose. It is to be mixed with water and give you a 4 in 1 action to the skin. Easy to apply and don't need rinsing thanks to the "second skin" effect.

The peel off mask 4 in 1 has 4 actions at the same time : it's slimming, mineralizing, bracing et purifying.

Peel off mask for slimming. Without rinsing does not require a shower.

It is your ally for slimming treatments and slimming cures.

This SLIMMING peel-off is essentially made up of laminaria, brown algae used in thalassotherapy for slimming and revitalizing treatments. Their richness in mineral elements, in particular iodine, ensures good remineralization and good waste elimination ...

Reusable metal spatula. It is recommended for hair removal in cabin based on fluid wax.

Extra soft, the metal spatula is recommended for the application of depilatory waxes in very thin layer. Thanks to its thin blade, it is easy to deposit a very thin layer of wax on the skin.

Reusable metal spatula. It is recommended for hair removal in cabin based on fluid wax.

Extra soft, the metal spatula is recommended for the application of depilatory waxes in very thin layer. Thanks to its thin blade, it is easy to deposit a very thin layer of wax on the skin.

Silicone cup to reach a slim goal, with its famous "palpate-roll" technique.

Allonature slim cup allows to reproduce at home and at its own pace the famous technique of "palpate-roll" with the goal of thinness. Adapted to any kind of cellulite (fat, aqueous, mixed or fibrous).

The Allonature lift cup can reduce wrinkles in less than five minutes.

The lift cup should be used on the entire face and neck. Its different actions:

  • Improve the micro-circulation for the entire face.
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines thanks to the stimulation of collagen and elastin.
  • Actively strengthen the facial muscles by exercising with each use.
  • Highly limits muscle relaxation and the "double chin" effect.
  • Purify the pores of the skin and unclog toxins and excess sebum
  • Increase the action of creams and oils for the skin by improving their absorption thanks to cupping massage

Real 100% natural concentrate of organic essential oils and organic plant extract.

This allonature slimming gel is your slimming ally. It is recommended to unclog, drain and firm. To be used as a cabin treatment during a slimming protocol and / or applied at home as a complement to the treatment.

The slimming oil by Allonature can be used daily to get a thinner shape.

The slimming oil allows to obtain refined forms while respecting the body. It is the ideal product to use to get closer to its slimming goal.

It is composed of different oils each having virtues:

• Apricot seed oil : firming, softening and nourishing.
• Muscat rose oil : regenerating, firming, ideal for stretch marks by its healing action.
• Sunflower oil: loaded with omega 6, it is nourishing.
• Sesame oil : antioxidant, it has a strong penetrating power.
• Essential cedar oil : helps lymphatic circulation and unclogs adipose tissue.
• Essential lemon oil : activates blood circulation.
• Essential oil of Mint arvensis : Tonic and refreshing, stimulates the lymphatic circulation.
• Essential oil of maritime pine : stimulating and energizing.

Odor: menthol

Texture: Oily

Organic liquid black soap 500ml Made using ancestral oriental techniques, Allo'Nature black soap is certified organic.

Packaged in an opaque pump bottle for easier dosing.

Ideal for daily use for the body and face, it is ideal for sensitive skin. It is also perfect to cleanse the skin of its impurities by combining it with the loofah or the kessa Allo'Nature glove.

An essential part of Moroccan beauty rituals, the Kessa glove is one of the secrets of oriental women for preserving the softness of their skin. Always used in hammams to cleanse the skin, it was once made from goat hair. Today, this glove is made from an excellent quality crepe and is ideal for deeply erasing dead skin while activating blood circulation.

Duo of logotype towels in 450 gr thick cotton with a soft texture.

The towels have a square format of 30 cm. They are white with the Allo Nature logo embroidered in pink.

Soft blanket that provides a cocoon effect. It allows to warm and maintain the skin of the client at the recommended temperature, for optimal hair removal. The model is pink, with the logo Allo Nature.

The Cocoon Blanket prevents the client from getting cold during hair removal.

Non Woven Disposable Gloves, to use during your care in cabin. This accessory is interesting to remove residues gently after waxing water soluble or after a body wrap. It offers a perfect hygiene during the care.

Thanks to non-woven gloves, the skin is clean, non-sticky and free of wax residues. It can accommodate more easily the post-hair removal product.

Le Drap D’Examen en Non Tissé s’utilise pour protéger la table de soins lorsque vous travaillez. Écologique et économique, il se lave après utilisation et peut être réutilisé.

The Non-Woven Ecological Examination Sheet is gentle on the skin and does not stick to the skin. He goes to the washing machine.

Training bib for beautician is used for aesthetic care without feeling uncomfortable dress. White in color, it has the Allo'Nature logo on the front.

Sleeveless, the White One Size training bib for eauticians allows to carry out his professional gestures without hindrance and without staining his clothes, for optimal hygiene. The model is one size fits all.

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