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Real 100% natural concentrate of organic essential oils and organic plant extract.

This allonature slimming gel is your slimming ally. It is recommended to unclog, drain and firm. To be used as a cabin treatment during a slimming protocol and / or applied at home as a complement to the treatment.

The slimming oil by Allonature can be used daily to get a thinner shape.

The slimming oil allows to obtain refined forms while respecting the body. It is the ideal product to use to get closer to its slimming goal.

It is composed of different oils each having virtues:

• Apricot seed oil : firming, softening and nourishing.
• Muscat rose oil : regenerating, firming, ideal for stretch marks by its healing action.
• Sunflower oil: loaded with omega 6, it is nourishing.
• Sesame oil : antioxidant, it has a strong penetrating power.
• Essential cedar oil : helps lymphatic circulation and unclogs adipose tissue.
• Essential lemon oil : activates blood circulation.
• Essential oil of Mint arvensis : Tonic and refreshing, stimulates the lymphatic circulation.
• Essential oil of maritime pine : stimulating and energizing.

Odor: menthol

Texture: Oily

Silicone cup to reach a slim goal, with its famous "palpate-roll" technique.

Allonature slim cup allows to reproduce at home and at its own pace the famous technique of "palpate-roll" with the goal of thinness. Adapted to any kind of cellulite (fat, aqueous, mixed or fibrous).

Peel off mask for slimming. Without rinsing does not require a shower.

It is your ally for slimming treatments and slimming cures.

This SLIMMING peel-off is essentially made up of laminaria, brown algae used in thalassotherapy for slimming and revitalizing treatments. Their richness in mineral elements, in particular iodine, ensures good remineralization and good waste elimination ...

Organic liquid black soap 500ml Made using ancestral oriental techniques, Allo'Nature black soap is certified organic.

Packaged in an opaque pump bottle for easier dosing.

Ideal for daily use for the body and face, it is ideal for sensitive skin. It is also perfect to cleanse the skin of its impurities by combining it with the loofah or the kessa Allo'Nature glove.

An essential part of Moroccan beauty rituals, the Kessa glove is one of the secrets of oriental women for preserving the softness of their skin. Always used in hammams to cleanse the skin, it was once made from goat hair. Today, this glove is made from an excellent quality crepe and is ideal for deeply erasing dead skin while activating blood circulation.

Roll'up to promote to help All'orientale certified centers to promote their oriental waxing activity.

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