We talk a lot about the need to reduce waste and sort it, and to move towards a cleaner daily approach. When is it about the waste management associated with our beauty routine?

AlloNature, always acting more in an ecological and eco-responsible approach, offers you some tips to better manage your waste from your cosmetics in order to make your environment cleaner and contribute to general well-being.

Towards organic, ecological and zero waste hair removal

Hair removal is usually the first contact between a beautician and her client, so let's start there. To adopt an ecological approach when talking about hair removal, the first instinct is of course to switch to natural or even organic waxes.

In France, the regulations on cosmetics are strict. If you see a depilatory wax labeled Cosmebio or Ecocert, you can be sure that the control has been drastic and that the ingredients that compose it are of quality. No need to remember that using waxes composed of chemical ingredients or preservatives will quickly move you away from your eco-responsible goal.

We will have to sort it out! Although organic and natural products are becoming more democratic in the cosmetics sector, it is still the petrochemical industry that still owns the biggest share of the pie. Switching to organic and natural hair removal therefore allows you, on your scale, to nibble on this cake for more organic, natural and environmentally friendly beauty.

organic peel wax allonature

Dare to use vegan depilatory wax for animal protection

As a reminder, animal testing is prohibited in France, and more generally in the European Union. If you believe that the world of cosmetics should not, near or far, touch the animal world, you can even opt for vegan waxes, composed only of plant ingredients. This is particularly the case with the oriental wax AlloNature, as well as the fluid sugar wax, composed only of sugar, water and lemon.

Use reusable accessories for your beauty routine

To always strive for more ecology and a minimum of waste, consider reusable accessories. When your clients come for waxing, plan to have washable, non-disposable exam sheets. They are economical and ecological.

Also for hair removal, some bands are reusable. If you are using AlloNature Fluid Sugar Wax, you can soak the strips in very hot water. You can then put them in the washing machine.

Switch from cotton to organic and reusable make-up remover disc

Finally, a little trick to save money and give the planet a big gift. Switch to reusable makeup remover discs.

Imagine using three cotton pads a day just for yourself. This corresponds to approximately 1200 disks per year. Knowing that it takes more than 5000 liters of water to produce 1 kilo of cotton, can you imagine what you could save the planet?

In addition, cotton is the largest consumer of pesticides in the world since 24% of the world's pesticides are used to produce cotton.

Finally, bleaching cotton requires the use of highly chemical substances.

reusable organic cotton disc

Admit that it makes you want to use an organic and washable make-up removing disc! For those who would be convinced to say "good bye" to traditional cotton, this is an opportunity to test the organic and reusable make-up removing discs from AlloNature.


Adopting an eco-responsible beauty routine does not happen overnight, but by gradually adding new rituals and new eco-friendly accessories, we manage not only to take care of the planet, but also of our wallet! Do not wait any longer and adopt an organic, natural and eco-responsible routine today.

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