Hair removal 

Allonature has been specialized in hair removal for several years, and more particularly in organic waxing. That's why we are committed to offer on our online store all the necessary equipment to accompany you in your hair removal from the beginning to the end of this treatment, and to ensure maximum comfort for your customers: oriental waxing, sugaring paste, wax without strip, wax with strips, pre and post waxing care, waxing devices, hair removal accessories, etc. Everything you need to take care of your clients !

Allonature is committed to offering quality equipment to its customers since all our waxes are organic and natural. More than a simple hair removal, it is a real body care that we put at your disposal. The beauty analysis application INCI Beauty has also rewarded our oragnic peelable lemon wax by the maximum score, ensuring that its composition is completely respectful of the skin of your customers. Seduce them with Allonature waxes labeled ECOCERT and Cosmebio and create a real relationship of trust between your customers and beauty institute.

The oriental hair removal technique is a gentle waxing technique which is a real care for the body. The All'Orientale box contains all the essential elements to start a new service for your clients.

Apparatus for heating depilatory wax The Pot Warmer is suitable for 100 ml cartridges and 800 ml wax pot.

Test kit organic resin wax and peelable wax. Discover the pleasure of waxing with a certified organic wax and good for your health. This kit includes all the essentials for successful hair removal.

Test kit roll-on wax and peelable wax. This kit includes all the essentials for successful hair removal. Discover the pleasure of waxing with a certified organic wax for your health and that of your customers.

Apparatus for heating depilatory wax The Pot Warmer can contain from 800 ml to 1000 ml of wax. It can be used with any type of wax with or without strips.

Pure wax pot heater capacity 400g. Black color. Delivered with its case. Suitable for all types of pot or bead waxes. Easily transportable with its handle. LCD temperature display.

Inhibitor hair growth milk in 500ml Also available in 125ml

Cartridge heater with base and switch, suitable for Rolls-on wax of 100 ml.

All'Orientale Hot Hand Paste is a depilatory cold wax that is inspired by oriental wax, 100% natural and ready to use. The soft texture of the sugar wax ensures easy, fast and impeccable hair removal, which allows you to tear off all the hair. This wax depilation can be used for the waxing of the legs, the jersey, the armpits, the arms as well as the...

All'Oriental Cold Hand Paste is a depilatory cold wax that is inspired by oriental wax, 100% natural and ready to use. A soft texture paste that provides immediate hair removal and perfectly cleansed skin without preheating and can be used for any room temperature below 24 degrees. This sugar wax is ideal for use on the body and face, for hair removal...

Inhibitor hair growth milk in 125ml Also available in 500ml

This soft wax, made of pearls, melts quickly and forms a hot wax ready to use in record time. Made of lemon, which is a natural antiseptic, this wax depilation prevents small pimples that can form after waxing. Respectful of the skin, it is enriched with carnauba oil, which is ideal for sensitive skin. The composition of Allonature peelable wax has been...

The Fluid Resin Wax with pine resin allows a hair removal while comfort. It adheres perfectly to the skin to facilitate the pulling of the hair, while remaining respectful of the skin. This wax does not only erase the hair, it also moisturizes the skin to leave it soft. Hot wax is easier to handle and work for the beautician. This wax hair removal is...

the Organic Fluid Sugar Wax  allows gentle hair removal. This hot wax, inspired by the oriental recipes of sugar wax, is organic and is soft with the skin. Sensitive skin will appreciate it because this hair removal wax is dermatologically tested. It does not irritate the skin and it pulls the hair gently for a clean and precise result. It is suitable for...

The Cleansing Gel is a product to be used before hair removal to disinfect the desired area. It does not require water or rinsing.

Bio Talc is to be used on the desired part of the body before and after hair removal. It is ideal for all skins types and is particularly suitable for sensitive areas.

All'orientale certified center adhesive for beauticians who have been trained in oriental hair removal and who use Allonature oriental waxes. This self-adhesive adhesive is to stick on a window of an institute and is a tool of communication not insignificant since it puts forward a service provision still little practiced.

Organic Lemon Resin Wax in the form of roll-on is a wax easy to use, fast and effective. The wax contained in the roll-on is a resin-based hot wax that adheres very well to the skin and pulls the hair for efficient and optimal hair removal. The skin is respected and is also hydrated. This roll-on format is particularly ideal for beauticians who are nomads.

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