Wax heater in 1000ml jar with LCD temperature display

Pot heater adapted for professional pot waxes, delivered with a cassolette for pearl wax.

New product


Ideal for heating pots in 1kg and 800g

Delivered with a case

Digital thermostat

power 250W / 50/60 Hz

Voltage 220/ 240V

Remove the cover.

-for the pot wax put the pot in the tank

for non-strip wax put the wax in the cassolette and put the cassolette in the tank

Connect the wax heater to a 220V outlet.

Turn the knob clockwise to turn it on. This allows you to set the temperature of your wax heater.

Unplug the unit and wait until it cools down to clean it.

Ideal for reaching the right melting temperature of allo natural waxes thanks to its digital thermostat.

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