Peelable wax beads sachet

This soft wax, made of pearls, melts quickly and forms a hot wax ready to use in record time. Made of lemon, which is a natural antiseptic, this wax depilation prevents small pimples that can form after waxing. Respectful of the skin, it is enriched with carnauba oil, which is ideal for sensitive skin.

The composition of Allonature peelable wax has been rated 20/20 by the very serious company INCI Beauty. In other words, you will not find wax that is more respectful for your skin.

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The pearls melt quickly, allowing almost immediate use of hot wax. 100% natural pearl wax remains flexible and does not break.

The Wax pearlis applied when thin-layered at low temperature in the direction of the hair. Very easy to remove, it does not require the use of strips for pulling.

The skin of sensitive and wet areas is perfectly depilated. The result is clear while ensuring significant comfort.

100% natural EcoCert certified wax.


Disposable mobcap to retain and preserve the client's hair during institute care.

Large Disposable Disposable Spatula for waxing at institute, to apply wax optimally.

Paper disposable strings, which the client can wear during cabin care, such as hair removal, body care, scrubs or massages.

Reusable Wood Spatula that allows a thorough and homogeneous waxing. The wood allows a better comfort during the application of the depilatory wax.

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