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The oriental hair removal technique is a gentle waxing technique which is a real care for the body. The All'Orientale box contains all the essential elements to start a new service for your clients.

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The All'Orientale box is the ideal panoply for any beautician who want to practice oriental waxing.

Would you like to learn how practice oriental hair removal to offer a service that is nowadays booming? The oriental waxing technique is a technique that can not be improvised. Training is imperative before offering this high-end service. We can teach you! Contact us for more information. Click on the "training" tab to find out more.

Oriental waxing is a hair removal technique widely used in many countries, particularly in the Maghreb countries. It is a gentle and natural waxing technique. Plus, our oriental paste is only made of sugar and water. It means it's incredible

The All'Orientale box includes: 1 Cleaning Gel, 1 All'Oriental Cold Hand Paste, 1 All'Oriental Hot Hand Paste, 2 Cotton Towels 30 x 30 cm, Pack of 65 Disposable Gloves, 1 100g Organic Talc, 1 Ambient Thermometer, 1 125ml Inhibitor hair growth Milk, 1 125 x 200cm Cocoon Blanket, 1 White Chasuble and 1 wax heater.

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The Cleansing Gel is a product to be used before hair removal to disinfect the desired area. It does not require water or rinsing.

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Training bib for beautician is used for aesthetic care without feeling uncomfortable dress. White in color, it has the Allo'Nature logo on the front.

1 x

Soft blanket that provides a cocoon effect. It allows to warm and maintain the skin of the client at the recommended temperature, for optimal hair removal. The model is pink, with the logo Allo Nature.

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Non Woven Disposable Gloves, to use during your care in cabin. This accessory is interesting to remove residues gently after waxing water soluble or after a body wrap. It offers a perfect hygiene during the care.

2 x

Duo of logotype towels in 450 gr thick cotton with a soft texture.

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Bio Talc is to be used on the desired part of the body before and after hair removal. It is ideal for all skins types and is particularly suitable for sensitive areas.

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Digital thermometer accurate and discreet white interior. In particular, it allows you to decide which All'Orientale Paste Allo Nature to choose: cold for a room at - 24 degrees or hot in a room at + 24 degrees.

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All'Orientale Hot Hand Paste is a depilatory cold wax that is inspired by oriental wax, 100% natural and ready to use. The soft texture of the sugar wax ensures easy, fast and impeccable hair removal, which allows you to tear off all the hair. This wax depilation can be used for the waxing of the legs, the jersey, the armpits, the arms as well as the...

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All'Oriental Cold Hand Paste is a depilatory cold wax that is inspired by oriental wax, 100% natural and ready to use. A soft texture paste that provides immediate hair removal and perfectly cleansed skin without preheating and can be used for any room temperature below 24 degrees. This sugar wax is ideal for use on the body and face, for hair removal...

10 x

Le Drap D’Examen en Non Tissé s’utilise pour protéger la table de soins lorsque vous travaillez. Écologique et économique, il se lave après utilisation et peut être réutilisé.

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Inhibitor hair growth milk in 500ml Also available in 125ml


Spatule En Bois réutilisable qui permet une épilation à la cire minutieuse et homogène. Le bois permet un meilleur confort lors de l’application de la cire à épiler.

Roll'up to promote to help All'orientale certified centers to promote their oriental waxing activity. 80x200cm

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