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The Cleansing Gel is a product to be used before hair removal to disinfect the desired area. It does not require water or rinsing.

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Enriched with vegetable alcohol and aloe vera complex, the Cleansing Gel disinfects the skin so that it is thoroughly cleansed before hair removal. It rids the skin of its impurities and regulates the excess of sebum, while respecting the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Take a small quantity of the Cleansing Gel without rinsing and apply it on the area that will be depilated until completely absorbed. The Cleansing Gel is suitable for all skin types, and can be used without problem on all parts of the body. Hygiene being very important in the aesthetic environment, the Cleansing Gel can also be used to clean the hands of the practitioner before the treatment.

The skin is purified and gently cleansed. It is ready to be depilated. The Cleansing Gel offers better adhesion to wax and depilatory strips and facilitates hair removal. It also ensures impeccable hygiene to the beautician.

Vegetable alcohol and aloe vera


Reusable metal spatula. It is recommended for hair removal in cabin based on fluid wax.

Inhibitor hair growth milk in 125ml Also available in 500ml

Bio Talc is to be used on the desired part of the body before and after hair removal. It is ideal for all skins types and is particularly suitable for sensitive areas.

the Organic Fluid Sugar Wax  allows gentle hair removal. This hot wax, inspired by the oriental recipes of sugar wax, is organic and is soft with the skin. Sensitive skin will appreciate it because this hair removal wax is dermatologically tested. It does not irritate the skin and it pulls the hair gently for a clean and precise result. It is suitable for...

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