organic fluid sugar wax 1kg - with srtip use

the Organic Fluid Sugar Wax  allows gentle hair removal. This hot wax, inspired by the oriental recipes of sugar wax, is organic and is soft with the skin. Sensitive skin will appreciate it because this hair removal wax is dermatologically tested. It does not irritate the skin and it pulls the hair gently for a clean and precise result.

It is suitable for all areas of the body, for waxing legs, arms, armpits and for facial hair removal.

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This Organic Fluid Sugar Wax is 100% natural, certified Ecocert. This sugar wax respects the venous system and is suitable for all types of skin, even the most sensitive, because it does not irritate the skin.

Organic Fluid Sugar Wax is applied in very thin layers using a spatula. It must be preheated to medium temperature for 20-30 minutes: the wax must be liquid but not too hot, it would burn the client. It is easy to remove: you can use Allo Nature Cotton Strips for extra softness. This wax is then rinsed with water, warm preferably. (spatula, appliance and shaved areas).

The skin is perfectly shaved, gently and naturally. All the hair has been pulled off gently and the result is impeccable. The skin is soft and smooth.

INCI: Sucrose *, aqua, citrus limon juice extract.

(*) ECOLOGICAL cosmetics Certified by ECOCERT greenlife according to the ECOCERT standard.
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100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.
84% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.

Free from parabens and other synthetic preservatives. No dyes, synthetic products, petrochemicals and alcohol. Not tested on animals. Dermatological.


Reusable metal spatula. It is recommended for hair removal in cabin based on fluid wax.

Disposable mobcap to retain and preserve the client's hair during institute care.

Reusable Wood Spatula that allows a thorough and homogeneous waxing. The wood allows a better comfort during the application of the depilatory wax.

Organic Lemon Resin Wax in the form of roll-on is a wax easy to use, fast and effective. The wax contained in the roll-on is a resin-based hot wax that adheres very well to the skin and pulls the hair for efficient and optimal hair removal. The skin is respected and is also hydrated. This roll-on format is particularly ideal for beauticians who are nomads.

Metal pot warmer that holds 400 ml of wax. It can be used with any type of wax with or without strips.

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