This automatic dispensing station for hand cleaning can be installed anywhere that breaks the virus chain.

"MADE IN FRANCE" protective visor in Chock polyethylene, manufacturing by injection process

Vinyl gloves are used for beauty treatments such as waxing or face care.

Disposable mobcap to retain and preserve the client's hair during institute care.

Non Woven Disposable Gloves, to use during your care in cabin. This accessory is interesting to remove residues gently after waxing water soluble or after a body wrap. It offers a perfect hygiene during the care.

Disinfectant wipes for surface disinfection. Pot with easy opening.

The Cleansing Gel is a product to be used before hair removal to disinfect the desired area. It does not require water or rinsing.

This mask is intended for the professional environment and is exclusively reserved for Non-Sanitary Uses (UNS). It is intended to prevent the projection of droplets.

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