2nd generation anti-callosity treatment

Sore feet, overheating, calluses ... Women and men are one day confronted with these problems. Allo’Nature has developed a 6-step protocol to provide a sustainable and efficient solution.
Who wants to say second generation, obligatorily means new advantages for the practitioners.

Allo’Nature, specialized in organic and natural cosmetics, revisits anti-callus care, the procedure and above all the ecological, environmental and economic question.

The organic Kaluspeeling care certified by Ecocert is based on gentle, olfactory formulations that are very pleasant and limit waste.

Complete set of 20 foot treatments for the treatment room + 5 units of nourishing cream 50ml for sale

Complete set of 20 foot treatments for the treatment room + 5 units of nourishing cream 50ml for sale

Roll'up for communication and highlighting of the novelty AlloNature foot care

Complete set of 20 foot treatmentsBenefit from a ROLL'UP OFFER on request

Kalu'mask sock for foot care Kalus'peeling AlloNature

Duo of logotype towels in 450 gr thick cotton with a soft texture.

The 2-function of Thermo'feet sock- Thermal action during foot care.- An occlusive action performed on the Kalu'Mask containing the Treatment Activator-care

This transparent easel in A4 format with its tilted portrait orientation, allows a better readability of your offers at the checkout.

Review sheet made of disposable wadding paper, width 70 cm. EcoLabel certified.

Kalus'peeling adhesive for beauticians who have been trained in kalus'peeling care protocole of Allonature. This self-adhesive adhesive is to stick on a window of an institute and is a tool of communication not insignificant since it puts forward a service provision still little practiced.

Poster for communication and promotion of the novelty AlloNature foot care

Le Drap D’Examen en Non Tissé s’utilise pour protéger la table de soins lorsque vous travaillez. Écologique et économique, il se lave après utilisation et peut être réutilisé.

Disinfectant wipes for surface disinfection. Pot with easy opening.

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