Kalu'mask sock for foot care Kalus'peeling AlloNature

New product

THE KALU'MASK Allo'Nature allows you to put on quickly without worrying about the treatment area. Put on in 2 seconds and optimize all of the foot care areas.

Thanks to its non-woven interior, the product is evenly distributed over the foot. Perfectly waterproof, it avoids all risk of sagging.

bag of 20 pairs (one size)

Pour 10ml of CARE ACTIVATOR with lemon caviar extract. The product will be absorbed by the compress and you can treat the whole foot.

Then put the Kalu'Mask on the feet and close with the self-adhesive tab

The KALU'MASK allows the person during a treatment to be able to stand up and walk if necessary, without any risk of leakage.


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