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Wax resin pot Kit

Wax resin pot Kit

Test kit organic resin wax and peelable wax.

Discover the pleasure of waxing with a certified organic wax and good for your health.

This kit includes all the essentials for successful hair removal.

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This set includes: a rinse-free cleaning gel, a 800ml empty metal pot, 800g organic peelable wax beads, a 800ml organic resin wax pot, a 100ml melting balm, a washable ecological examination sheet, an organic talcum powder 100 gr, a soft waxing spatula, 150 soft cotton strips, 250 paper strips and a 125 ml milk inhibitor.


Disposable mobcap to retain and preserve the client's hair during institute care.

Reusable Wood Spatula that allows a thorough and homogeneous waxing. The wood allows a better comfort during the application of the depilatory wax.

Organic Lemon Resin Wax in the form of roll-on is a wax easy to use, fast and effective. The wax contained in the roll-on is a resin-based hot wax that adheres very well to the skin and pulls the hair for efficient and optimal hair removal. The skin is respected and is also hydrated. This roll-on format is particularly ideal for beauticians who are nomads.

The Fluid Resin Wax with pine resin allows a hair removal while comfort. It adheres perfectly to the skin to facilitate the pulling of the hair, while remaining respectful of the skin. This wax does not only erase the hair, it also moisturizes the skin to leave it soft. Hot wax is easier to handle and work for the beautician. This wax hair removal is...

Test kit school wax.

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