Deodorant spray alum stone 100% natural 125ml

The Allonature Deodorant Spray is made from alum stone from the mines of Panama.

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The deodorant spray with alum is certified 100% natural. Spray on the parts of the body to be treated: armpits, hands, feet, ...

The deodorant alum spray is labeled organic. 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin.


- Alum: antibacterial action

- Peppermint: for its pleasant scent and freshness

INCI list: Aqua, mentha piperita water, potassium alum, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid.


Inhibitor hair growth milk in 125ml Also available in 500ml

Bio Talc is to be used on the desired part of the body before and after hair removal. It is ideal for all skins types and is particularly suitable for sensitive areas.

Organic and natural deodorant regulator for men.

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