Deodorant powder with alum stone 100g

The alum stone powder deodorant is certified 100% natural.

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Deodorized alum powder is produced from Luzenac talcum powder.

Apply on the clean and healthy parts of the body to be treated (armpits, hands, feet, shoes). Do not apply near eyes or on irritated skin.

The alum powder deodorant is labeled organic. Antibacterial action of alum. Absorbent action of Luzenac talc and organic corn.

Ingredients and active ingredients:

- Alum: antibacterial action

- Talc: absorbent action

- Organic corn: absorbent action


This soft wax, made of pearls, melts quickly and forms a hot wax ready to use in record time. Made of lemon, which is a natural antiseptic, this wax depilation prevents small pimples that can form after waxing. Respectful of the skin, it is enriched with carnauba oil, which is ideal for sensitive skin. The composition of Allonature peelable wax has been...

Genuine certified organic liquid Aleppo soap made in France.Packaged in an opaque pump bottle for easier dosing.

Allonature deodorant stick with alum stone is certified 100% natural.

Aleppo soap is a traditional soap created almost 2000 years ago in Syria.

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