Menstrual cup and its storage box

Menstrual cup allows women to harvest menstrual blood

Also available in L size

New product


A 100% effective alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons:

  • Simple use
  • No negative impact on the environment
  • In case of good maintenance, service life up to 10 years
  • ecological and economical - amortization of the purchase after 3 months
  • Flexible silicone.
  • Optimal size and design with a smooth surface for use and easy maintenance
  • Delivered in Steriliz'box, specific packaging for a guaranteed hygiene of the chopped off.

The Allo'Nature menstrual cup is inserted in the same way as a tampon.



This soft wax, made of pearls, melts quickly and forms a hot wax ready to use in record time. Made of lemon, which is a natural antiseptic, this wax depilation prevents small pimples that can form after waxing. Respectful of the skin, it is enriched with carnauba oil, which is ideal for sensitive skin. The composition of Allonature peelable wax has been...

Aleppo soap is a traditional soap created almost 2000 years ago in Syria.

Box to sterilize the menstrual cup and store it away from germs.

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