Professional hair removal kit rollon 100ml and electric device

Home hair removal kit with electric cartridge heater, wax cartridge and tweezers. Long-term professional results: up to 4 weeks of softness.

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The home hair removal kit is the perfect kit for professional hair removal at home.

You will find all indications to use our kit in the user guide included in the package.

Enriched with moisturizing oil and protective beeswax. Respect sensitive skin.

The Professional Home Hair Removal Kit contains:

  • 1 electric cartridge heater
  • 1 cartridge of wax of 100ml
  • 10 waxing strips
  • 1 user manual


Reusable metal spatula. It is recommended for hair removal in cabin based on fluid wax.

Reusable Wood Spatula that allows a thorough and homogeneous waxing. The wood allows a better comfort during the application of the depilatory wax.

Large Disposable Disposable Spatula for waxing at institute, to apply wax optimally.

Organic Lemon Resin Wax in the form of roll-on is a wax easy to use, fast and effective. The wax contained in the roll-on is a resin-based hot wax that adheres very well to the skin and pulls the hair for efficient and optimal hair removal. The skin is respected and is also hydrated. This roll-on format is particularly ideal for beauticians who are nomads.

Roll'on refill with protective beeswax.

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