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Silicone cup to reach a slim goal, with its famous "palpate-roll" technique.

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Allonature slim cup allows to reproduce at home and at its own pace the famous technique of "palpate-roll" with the goal of thinness. Adapted to any kind of cellulite (fat, aqueous, mixed or fibrous).

Use with AlloNature Massage Balm or soapy water. Be careful, the skin should not be dry. Put the slim cup against the skin and make several movements (horizontal, vertical and circular).

Use every other day, for a duration of 8 minutes per zone to be treated. Adapt these indications depending on the area to be treated and the importance of cellulite. Results may appear under 3 to 4 weeks depending on the nature of the cellulite and the regularity of the exercises. Once results obtained, perform a massage a week to maintain the results.

Its mechanical action causes lipolysis (degradation of the fat cells in the body) and dislodges the "orange peel" of the epidermis. This technique is non-invasive and safe.

composition : silicone medical. no Phthalate, no latex and bisphenol free.


Peel off mask for the body in one single dose. It is to be mixed with water and give you a 4 in 1 action to the skin. Easy to apply and don't need rinsing thanks to the "second skin" effect.

The triple action slimming box from Allonature is ideal to help your clients achieve their slimming goal. The slimming gel, the cup thinness and the massage balm represent the winning trio to prepare your body and obtain a finer silhouette.

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