Lift cup for the face

The Allonature lift cup can reduce wrinkles in less than five minutes.

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The lift cup should be used on the entire face and neck. Its different actions:

  • Improve the micro-circulation for the entire face.
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines thanks to the stimulation of collagen and elastin.
  • Actively strengthen the facial muscles by exercising with each use.
  • Highly limits muscle relaxation and the "double chin" effect.
  • Purify the pores of the skin and unclog toxins and excess sebum
  • Increase the action of creams and oils for the skin by improving their absorption thanks to cupping massage

Pinch the suction cup between your thumb and forefinger to flush out the air and then apply it to your skin. Release. Your skin is now aspirated, you can start your beauty gestures.

  • Wrinkles attenuated
  • Restored traits
  • Luminous complexion

Medical silicone


Silicone cup to reach a slim goal, with its famous "palpate-roll" technique.

Carrot oil to cleanse sensitive eyes.

Argan oil used for modeling the face.

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