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Our family business Allonature sells not only products to support you in your institute services, but also products that you can offer for sale to your clients.

We are committed for more than 10 years now to formulate organic and natural beauty products. Thus, to help you gradually turn to such organic and natural products, you can now order our cosmetics online.

Discover today our different ranges of organic and natural products:

  • Face range: we offer a full range of facial care, including our carrot-removing oil for sensitive eyes, or our argan oil which is a natural anti-aging.
  • Body range: the products of the Allonature body range provide a real care effective and smooth.
  • Organic waxing: all our hair removal waxes are labeled ECOCERT. Our "at home" hair removal kit will give a real sense of autonomy to your clients who can extend their experience in your institute at home.
  • Slimming range: always looking for the most innovative formulations, Allonature offers effective products to help your clients achieve their slimming goal.
  • Men's range: at Allonature, we also take care of men! Because taking care of your body and its appearance has no gender, we offer a complete range "for him" for your male clients, for a ritual of care and gentle efficiency.
  • Deodorants Range: our alum stone deodorants are part of our flagship products, Allonature has made the choice to decline in several formats (stick, powder, spray, etc.) to allow you to offer the choice to select the one that best fits your customers' deodorant habits. All our deodorants are certified organic and our alum stone is extracted directly from the Kalunite rock in Panama.
  • Phytergo range: our Phytergo range includes a wide range of herbal gels used by pharmacies and physiotherapists to fight against Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

After shave alum stone certified 100% natural. Stone directly extracted from the rocks in Panama.

Aleppo soap is a traditional soap created almost 2000 years ago in Syria.

Vegetable loofah for the body and intended for resale.

Organic waxing strips for sugar wax and roll'on. The strips are sold in a pack of 10 units.

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